Clever and Space-Saving Guest Room Ideas

You always want to make your guests feel at home. Planning a separate guest room can be difficult especially if you require more space or are on a tight budget. The good news is that it is possible to come up with a warm and functional guest room by being creative and selecting the right furniture without spending too much money.

Tricks to Consider for Guest Room Space Saving:

Wall-Mounted Murphy Beds

If you can’t afford an entire guest room, wall-mounted Murphy beds may be what you need. They are designed in such a way that they fold against the wall when not in use to create more floor space during the day. Look for designs with shelves or cabinets built into them to ensure maximum utilization of space. When the visitor comes, simply pull down the bed and you have an extra bedroom!

Folding Bunk Beds

Just like Murphy beds, folding bunk beds also create temporary sleeping quarters without requiring an entire room. These attach to walls and can be collapsed when not in use so that they take up very little space.

Folding bunk beds are ideal in a child’s room, home office, or even a living room that has to double as a visitor’s bedroom.

Nested End Tables

Forget about having dedicated nightstands or end tables in the guest room and get clever with nested tables instead. These space-saving options fit snugly beneath one another and can be separated into individual units when visitors arrive to offer surface spaces on both sides of the bed. Nested tables come in various designs to suit your style and can easily be moved to other rooms when not needed for bedside use.

Sleeper Sofas

If you happen to have a sitting area or home office which can serve as an extra bedroom, then sleeper sofas might be the answer. The modern versions of these items are far more comfortable compared with their previous counterparts which were quite painful sometimes. Pick those with superior memory foam mattresses giving comfortable support when sleeping. A sleeper sofa is an excellent way to maintain a usable living space but also have an instant bed for guests at any time.

Ottoman Beds

For small spaces like flats or attics, an ottoman bed is a smart choice. These nifty pieces of furniture have a fabric-covered hinged top that can be lifted to reveal a well-hidden mattress inside the base. But during the day, it becomes just a fashionable footrest. When evening comes, simply open it and you have got yourself a cozy guest bed. Also, some of them are designed with storage inside so that you can hide your extra bedding or pillows in them.

Daybed with Trundle

Another option for those who have multi-purpose rooms including home offices and sitting rooms is a daybed with a trundle. During the day, this single-sized daybed is perfect for lying around on and at night it serves as a twin bed. However, if you need space for one more person to sleep look for models with pull-out trundle beds underneath – they are suitable for an additional guest to stay overnight. Accessorize the daybed with plush bedding and several decorative pillows to create a warm feeling.

Murphy Desk Bed

If there’s a need to squeeze every square inch of space, then Murphy’s desk bed will do best in terms of space-saving attributes. This multifunctional piece folds out from the wall becoming either a work or hobby area in the daytime.

Otherwise, it is an easy bed to change into at night which has space for pillows and blankets inside. Just hang a beautiful curtain or divider in the room and you will have a guest suite that is ready for visitors!

Through clever arranging and with the right furniture solutions, you can make your guests feel welcome even if you don’t have an entire room dedicated to them. Choose flexible furniture items such as beds that fold away when not being used. Any small residence can still be a good resting place for callers if proper attention has been paid.

Decor Tips for Welcoming Guest Rooms

Some considered decorating details will make a guest bedroom more inviting:

  • Cover the bed with luxurious linens and plump pillows to give it that cozy hotel-like feeling.
  • Set up a luggage stand or foldable butler’s tray where guests can unpack without any trouble.
  • Place fresh flowers or a small flowering plant in the area.
  • Have some current books or magazines set out for guests’ enjoyment
  • Keep bottles of water, snacks, and perhaps wine glasses with a bottle of wine around in the room.
  • Offering quality bath towels, robes, and slippers for a luxurious touch.
  • You could also add a charging station where guests can plug in their electronic gadgets.

These little things count when it comes to making visitors feel at home and comfortable in their new surroundings.

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